Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Definition of Spring

I've never liked the official definition of the "first day of spring." I'm always anxious for it to come as early as possible so I can get outside and do things, such as ride, ride, ride. That really depends on the weather, not the calendar. To solve this problem I have developed my own definition, which is: The first five consecutive days after February 15th when the temperature does not drop below freezing. This year, that day came on Feb. 24. The 24th was the first of the five days. With this method you can't know when Spring actually begins until the end of the five day period, but you can look back with fondness and remember what you did during those first glorious days of Spring.


Anonymous said...

The butter cups blooming on the farm tells me spring is here. This year they bloomed just 10 feet from a snow drift.

Bike me.

Ted said...

We have just been hit by an Arctic air mass that has us all questioning whether Spring has really come. It has. These things happen for some Springs. I call it Indian Winter.

Ted said...

In retrospect, I would call it the Al Gore Effect.