Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ice Racing Comes to Wenatchee

My wife and I went to the ice races last night. It was a pretty good show. The course is very small so they spend most of their time in the corners. Two racers ran straight into the wall early on and one guy was doubled over in pain for a long time but finally got up and walked off. The announcer had some bogus information and kept saying the bikes had 4-cylinder engines. Once he said they were "trials bikes with crotch rocket motors." They looked like typical speedway bikes to me with single-cylinder motors. Probably Westlakes or Jawas or whatever they use now. The quad races were fun too. My favorite were the 2 little kids ages 3 and 4 on tiny little quads! The new event center is pretty cool (literally - we should have taken warmer jackets). Almost any seat would give a decent view of the ice and the sound system is quite good so you can actually understand what the announcer is saying. An evening well spent.

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