Monday, January 14, 2008

1098 vs. 848

After reading several test reports on the new Ducati 848, such as this one

I may have to revise my "wish list" just a little. The biggest, most powerful bike is not necessarily the most fun. Unless you are actually racing to the finish line, speed is only one means to the true end, which is fun. If two bikes provide an equal amount of fun and one is slower than the other, it only makes sense to choose the one with the better risk/reward ratio. In the case of the 1098 vs. the 848, the smaller bike may not really be any slower on a twisty road, but it does sound more fun. In this case, part of the risk is in the hard earned dollars one must shell out to make the purchase. More fun on a bike that is $3000 less expensive sounds like a better risk/reward ratio to me. Add the 848 to my wish list.

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