Friday, February 1, 2008

Ride 2 on 2/1

Living to see February roll around on the calendar is definitely a milestone worth celebrating as we survive a long, and unusually cold Northwest winter. Day dawns with a cloudless cerulean sky. What to do today? Drag wife down to a new gym for an exploratory workout. Check. Make sausage and eggs. Check. Take care of some profitable business. Check. Do a few runs on the ski hill. Check. Soak in the hot tub and then roll in the snow before climbing back in the hot tub. Check. Take the KTM and the DR650 out for a short ride each. Check. It's cold but it feels good to get the throttle back in my hand. Filled the DR with a fresh tank of gas. I could have ridden road bikes but there is still some slush on the road in shady places. Don't dare ride something heavy with slick tires. I wonder what the groundhog will bring us tomorrow? I'm getting an itchy clutch finger.

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